The Prince – A Literary Classic

One of the most quoted books of all times is “The Prince” by Nicola Machiavelli. Often it is misquoted and many times when people hear that name or the title of the book, they cringe, but they shouldn’t. In fact, the author wrote the book out of pure observation and history of the time.

Thus, it should not be considered either good or evil. Let me give you a for instance; Nicola Machiavelli advises that it is easier to lead and far less challenging when you are loved and respected, but a Prince cannot expect to be loved and respected forever, and therefore he proclaims that being feared and respected, which is generally the progression, is okay.

He does not advise to go out and purposely cause conflict in order to be feared, but that once in that position, a Prince can hold his kingdom using this secondary tactic. Still, he advises that if a Prince rules with an iron fist, he will eventually upset the kingdom and there will be those that plot his overthrow. He further tells suggests that if a Prince is to do a violent action, to do it swiftly and all at once, not little mean-spirited acts continuously.

Everyone should read the Prince and since it is a literary classic most people have, unfortunately, they are not reading it correctly or do not understand the intent behind this great work, for if they did, they would surely not bad mouth it in the way they do or cringe when others quote advise from this book. So, I recommend that you read the Prince or re-read it as the case may be and when you do consider what I have said here today.

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